Meditation Puzzles

Meditation Puzzles

med-i-ta-tion [med-i-tey-shuhn]

To engage in mental exercise as a way of becoming calm and relaxed; the act of giving your attention to only one thing, such as putting a puzzle together.

Completing this puzzle is not a race or a competition. It is an exercise in freeing your mind to only one purpose. Let the feel of the wood, the simplicity of design and the satisfaction of fitting the random pieces together take you to a calming state of relaxation. The more pieces to the puzzle, the greater you meditation immersion.

This one of a kind, random cut puzzle is hand made by me in my shop in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, from kiln dried, Vermont Oak.

The standard size is approximately 10: x 12″. The wood I use is Oak with a Danish oil finish. The number of puzzle pieces, 30 or 36, will be up to you, the customer.  The puzzle pieces are housed in a beautifully finished, custom made framed box made of the same material as the puzzle, oak.  All puzzles come with a wooden display stand, as shown in the display photos.

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  • 30-piece Oak / 11-1/2 x 8 x 1-1/4
  • $30 / Plus Shipping

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#2 Front  #2 Apart  #2 Side