About Me

     I moved from Florida to St. Johnsbury in May of 2011 to retire, be closer to family and to settle down in beautiful Vermont.

      My hobbies,  photography, working in my wood shop, throwing a bowl in the pottery shop now and then and baking the perfect loaf of artisan bread, keep me busy.

      Also, I just finished writing and posting my working life memoir on this site, A Resume of Epic Proportions – My Fifty Jobs in Fifty Years.  It’s free to download as an e-book or listen to the audio version.

     If you’re looking for a unique gift, check out my other pages, specifically the Railroad Spike Coat Trees, Pet Urns, Zen Meditation GardenMeditation Puzzles, Photo Keepsake Puzzles, or my photo note cards.  Click on any of the pictures to get a full-size image.

You can contact me by phoning  (802) 274-7762, email me at  jamestidyman@gmail.com or come visit (but call first)  17 Church St. #48,  St. Johnsbury, Vermont 02518


Pet Urns  These urns were designed as the final resting place for the ashes from you pet.  They’re big enough for the ashes of any dog, cat or any other animal that you held dear. These urns are made from solid oak. I have several in inventory of various sizes, including the one on this site. Like the gun cases, custom cases are available for $48.

Note Cards  In an effort to do something with my photography other than look at it, I produce 4 x 5 blank note cards with one of my photos on the front. These cards can be ordered individually or as a set.

Zen Meditation Garden  Another woodworking project that I though had some relative value. The Zen Mediation Garden is a miniature version of the land based Japanese meditation gardens. In the land based versions, the idea was to achieve a level of meditation by the arranging of the gravel and stones around plants, trees and boulders to simulate the flowing of rivers. Subsequently, viewing the patterned rocks and gravel would also be a form of meditation.  My gardens do the same thing but on a much smaller level. These are currently out of stock but can be custom ordered for $48.

Meditation Puzzles  I called these meditation puzzles for lack of a better term. I am not a person who is drawn to meditation; not that there’s anything wrong with meditation. My thinking at the time was that putting together a puzzle with no picture with randomly cut pieces, might be meditative. For some it is incredibly frustrating. Either way, it comes with a nice stand and looks great on any mantle or bookshelf. They are made with my favorite wood, oak. These are available only through custom order for $30 each.

Photo Keepsake Puzzles   These are exactly how they sound. They’re puzzles, with a photograph on them. These are designed specifically for young children. If you send me your favorite photograph, I’ll enlarge it to 8 by 10, adhere to solid ¾” oak and build a custom oak frame box, and then cut it into a puzzle in as many pieces as you think are appropriate for the age of the child. For instance for a three or four year old, you may only want 4 puzzle pieces. For children older than 4, I suggest anything from 6 to 12 pieces. It’s not something they’ll play with forever, but it’s something you’ll keep forever.

Antique Mirror Window  I start with old 4 or 6 pane wooden window frames, knock out the glass and replace the spaces with mirrors. I then sand to distress the wood to the point where it may look a little older than it is. They are smoothly sanded, and won’t chip or flake. Each mirror is ready to mount with heavy-duty woven picture-mounting wire. I have many examples, each one is numbered; when ordering, just tell me which number you’d like.

Tidybowlman  This is simply a collection of the pottery I’ve done since I’ve been in Vermont. The only other pottery I produced was in high school, which consists of one pencil holder and an ashtray. These are not for sale through the web page. As the collection builds up I will probably set up a booth at a craft show or farmers market and sell them at a pretty darn reasonable price. Thank you for viewing them.

A Resume of Epic Proportions  This is my employment memoir from the time I was 10 until the time I was 60. In many ways it’s a humorous account, but it’s also an accurate account. There are two downloadable versions; an eBook, for any computer e-reader, the other is for Kindle. I also offer the book as an audible version with my own voice. For the audible version all you have to do is hit the play button on each chapter. The book is free in any form.

Woodworking Projects  This is a collection of all the woodworking projects I’ve done since I’ve been here, which is going on 10 years. Many of the items were  for my own apartment, some for sale at the farmer’s market and the rest of them were for whoever wanted or needed them. You can see by the pictures that my level of work is slightly better than amateur; nowhere near craftsman. But if you see anything that you need built, or would like me to build, just let me know.

Photo Albums  These are primarily all the photos I’ve shot that I thought worthy of going into albums that show some of the geographical and seasonal views of Vermont. Many, but not all of these images can be ordered as note cards (see above description). If you want any of the photos, fee free to copy and paste them to your computer.

Railroad Spike Coat Trees  These railroad spike coat trees are hand crafted by me in my shop in St. Johnsbury, VT. The spikes are from along the tracks right here in St. J. Each coat tree has 8 spikes each, stands approximately 6 feet and weights 30 pounds. They are crafted from a solid 4″ x 4″ pine beam, are stained walnut and finished with a gloss polyurethane, including the spikes (they will not rust).